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Sacco - Data security and confidentiality

Professional Expertise

Sacco - Professional Expertise

The advantages of using accounting service, instead of employing a full time accountant:

  • no need to pay taxes on an accountant’s salary;
  • no need to supply a desk, office equipment or licensed software for an accountant;
  • no need to invest in your accountant’s training to provide up to date accounting knowledge;
  • when you pay for outsourced accounting services, you may deduct the value added tax as pretax;
  • We take full responsibility for the quality of the services provided;
  • accounting services are being provided on an ongoing basis, regardless of the changes in staff or vacations taken by the accountants;
  • Our specialists have broader knowledge in various business areas. There is a continuous exchange of information between our accountants regarding accountancy updates and current events;
  • Professional indemnity insurance.