Finnair Oiy representative office in Latvia

We are working with Sacco already for the seventh year. The cooperation is pleasant because all works are done in the agreed deadlines and this gives a feeling of stability. Sacco employees are professionals as well as responsive and welcoming in any situation.


SIA "Latvijas Ceļveži"

We are glad about the creative approach of Sacco team to work and the clients. Due to the fact that we are a company with artistic spirit, Sacco excellently understands and helps us to solve those nuances of operations, which are still a "dark picture" for us.


SIA "Amotex"

We have the pleasure to be the first clients for the company Sacco, which from a small consulting company has grown to be a large and serious accounting and legal services company. We are sure that Sacco will find answers also to those questions, which refer to our cooperation with foreign partners.


SIA "E-Group"

Sacco is the best accounting company we are using so far. All reports are in time and with a smile. Both Kristine and Ilze are great and it’s a pleasure working with them. Any problem or request, legal advice needed we always know who to go to. We can highly recommend Sacco for anyone looking for an accountant company in Latvia.


SIA "Riga Pictures"

Producing, starring, selection of actors, work with technical personnel, selection of the place of starring – it is a usual daily work, which, however, requires serious concentration only and solely on the specific project. It is pleasant that we do not need to think about figures, interest, taxes and reports because we are safe that our team member – Sacco – will have done all in time, precisely and without necessity to control them. It is easy that somebody may be trusted in hundred percent.


SIA "M1 Recordings"

By traveling around the world and signing millions worth contracts, there is no time remaining about accounting documentation, terms, tax issues. Meetings with Sacco are always a relief because my things then are in complete order. The best accounting in Latvia.


SIA "Turbo Baltija"

Sacco accountan has become an integral part of our Team.


SIA "Hot snacks"

The main asset of this company is its employees – they are well educated, cooperative and trustworthy. Accounting service you can trust.


SIA "Hortus Digital"

When launching new, innovative products onto the market, it is vital to ensure that the process is accounted for by qualified and knowledgeable specialists. The new cooperation and settlement principles relating to the commencement of the supply of the licenced Microsoft solutions with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model did not cause the slightest hitch for our accountant at Sacco.


SIA "Rušonas muiža"

We have been trusting SACCO with our accounting for 3 years. There has not been a time when we have been disappointed. We also use SACCO’s legal services quite frequently therefore we know that SACCO always provides top quality services.



Our accountant is amazing! She prepares all the reports in no time, really! And she always has the right answer to any question we have. And if we need legal advice we don't have to look any further, either. We are very satisfied indeed with the services provided by Sacco.


BO DzĪKS "Pulkveža Nams"

SACCO is an accounting service you can rely on. Everything is always done in time and as effectively as possible.




SIA "Sapņu ciemats"

I’m very satisfied with the service and consulting that is done by SACCO. Everything always is done duly and carefully. I’d like to underline responsiveness and going into details when SACCO gives the service.


SIA "Jammy Joe"

Since our book-keeping is done by SACCO we can be sure it is made correctly and the reports are applied in time. We love it!


SIA "Profiks"



SIA "Mercell Latvia"



Turkish Airlines Inc. Rīgas filiāle



SIA "World audio distribution"




Sacco accounting was our best choice that we suggest to everybody. Why hire accountant if there is SACCO?


SIA Kuhni Belorusi

We are delighted to co-operate with such a professional and experienced team and our long term co-operation is a testament to the quality and the innovative approach of the company.

We like the service provided by the accountants, their attitude is the best.. Most importantly – they are very approachable and understand their clients’ needs! They are very fast and flexible, dont change anything!




SIA JAS-Consultants