• Preparation of tax reports
  • Preparation of the Annual tax return
  • Preparation of additional reports
  • Representation in the State Revenue Service, contestation of tax auditing, preparation of a claim for the court and representation in the Administrative court.
  • Tax consultations for individual persons.

Individual persons can become an object of the State Revenue Service interest for several reasons like heavy expenses and expensive purchases (data bases of the Land Register and Road Traffic Safety Directorate, investments in companies, loans, donations including to political organizations, publications in the press about lifestyle of some person) when the person is not able to state legal income source for these expenses.

This situation can be a reason for the State Revenue Service interest and auditing. Before starting an auditing process the State Revenue Service asks a person to submit so called additional report on the personal income. Usually there must be submitted three additional reports – one for each auditing year.

The request for an additional report submission by the State Revenue Service is the right time for a person to look for a help from a consultant because the possible extra charge resulting from the tax auditing mostly depends on the correctness of drawing up of the additional report.. The correct preparation of an additional report is a very serious step due to the fact that it can influence the life of a person for a long time and create considerable financial consequences. At the same time it is also so called zero declaration because by submitting an additional report a person declares all his/her properties on the specific date.

A person must pay the highest attention to the preparation of an additional report and tax auditing becausethe possible tax extra charge can create unpleasant financial consequences. If a company with a high tax extra charge is not ableto pay these charges it can initiate an insolvency process and be liquidated quite simply but the situation for an individual person especially if it owns a valuable property is more complicated. Besides in the case of bankruptcy of an individual person tax debts are not cancelled.