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Sacco Ltd. is a limited liability company that provided financial and accounting services from 1998 till 2019. Nowadays Sacco Ltd. works only with studios and live streaming services under the name Amber Studios.

Amber Studios is a licenced gambling service. Our licence can be seen here.

More about Amber Studios can be found here - Amber Studios

History of Sacco

Sacco Ltd. was founded in 1998 as an accounting firm and continued its work until 2019. Starting from 2015, alongside financial and accounting services Sacco Ltd. started working on studios and live-streaming services.

During its 21-year operation, Sacco Ltd. has provided its services to more than 400 companies in various industries, including such companies as:

Since 2019, the Sacco accounting firm no longer exists, instead, the Sacco team and the company itself have completely switched to studio and live streaming services under the name Amber Studios.

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